Bhutan is the land of mountain legends, nestled high in the eastern Himalayas, between India and Tibet. This is one of the last untouched bastions of ancient civilisation, where the vibrant whirl of the masked festival is very much an authentic celebration.

The spiritual resonance of Buddhism is tangible throughout the land with intricately carved monasteries colourfully emerging out of the majestic mountains. The landscape is dramatic throughout, boasting deep wooded forests, emerald valleys bursting with wild flora and snow capped peaks soaring beyond the eye. The lure of new luxury retreats make it possible to travel to Bhutan in style. Discover your own Shangri-la in this land of mystique and myths.

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Sri Lanka Tours

Sri Lanka, is a tapestry of culture and nature. Explore its rich heritage of past colonisation and its spiritual roots while wandering through spectacular city ruins and amongst the recumbent Buddhas dating back to the 1st century BC.

Visit the world's only elephant orphanage or race through the jungles of the Yala National Park on a jeep safari in search of the elusive leopard.

This pearl drop boasts picturesque tea plantations and mile upon mile of palm fringed beaches.

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Nepal Tours

Nepal is a stunning mounatin kingdom which straddles the Himalaya, to the north of India and to the south of Tibet. Walk well-trodden paths through villages and valleys in the low hills or you may venture into the high mountains for some testing trekking to various base camps. For culture Kathmandu Valley abounds with small, medieval cities, temples and ancient monuments, all set against a backdrop of distant mountain peaks. Nepal's many rivers, crashing down from the mountains also offer excellent rafting opportunites. This is the perfect palce to go in search of the rhino and elusive tigers in the world-famous Royal Chitwan National Park.

A final, peaceful day in the beautiful Pokhara Valley allows time to reflect on all that this journey has revealed.

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The Maldives & Indian Ocean Islands

A thousand iridescent islands glistening amongst the indigo lagoons of the Indian Ocean, and suspended off the southern tip of India, the Maldive Islands are the epitome of pure escapism.

Here world-class luxury is set amidst white sands and the turquoise calm belies the burst of life and colour of the underwater gardens, where you can explore the reefs teeming with a tropical marine pantomime offering some of the world's best diving.

We have arranged a sample of some of the finest hotels in the Maldives.

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